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omen’s Ministry Position Filled


When Laverne Travis retired in September 2005 and handed the baton over to me, she and I met with Dan, David Kasselman, Al Smith, and John Noyes to determine what they saw as the Women’s Ministry Leader’s role.  One of the things they suggested at that time was in order to have a smooth transition when the position became available again, we should get a person on the Planning Team Committee a year in advance so she could train with me and be ready to take over the helm when I stepped down.


God has been so faithful in answering our prayers.  We had asked the elders to pray for another leader to replace me and the women on the Planning Team had been praying as well for the right person to step up and take over when my term ends August 31, 2008.  You might remember the article “Position Available” that appeared in the November Newsletter.  John Noyes had prayed with me that morning about a person to fill this position on the Sunday the article appeared.  After our meeting, I picked up a bulletin with the Newsletter and was reading it again as I had forgotten what I had written previously.

While reading it, Becky Throgmorton’s name just came up in my spirit very clearly as being the one.  Imagine my surprise after church, Becky was suddenly standing by my side and said someone had told her she should take this position.  She was scared and not sure that she could handle it, but I assured her that God was placing her in the position and he would equip her with the tools to do the job as he had done with me.  She had to take time to think and pray on it and discuss it with her husband.


The Women’s Ministry Planning Team is very pleased to announce that Becky Throgmorton will be the new Women’s Ministry Leader beginning September 1, 2008.  I will continue in this role until August 2008 and will remain on the Board to assist Becky in any way possible.


—Myrl Betts


Here is some information so you can get to know Becky.






ecky's Bio-bits


This how I remember it.  I came in sixth and last place. Humility was not an option, it was simply status quo. My three older sisters (living; 16, 10, and 4 years older than I) and two brothers (deceased, 9 months apart; 8 years apart in age; 14 and 8 years older than I) made sure I maintained humility. Both my parents left a legacy of humor, My dad, aged 56, died at the beginning of my junior year of high school when I was 16; and my mom died in 1997, age 85. The two brothers died April 1, 2000, and January 19, 2001. In 2003, our only granddaughter, age six weeks, died of whooping cough. My sisters and I have had a "Sister's Weekend" twice annually since the year 2000.


I went to three universities before I finished my bachelor's degree in education at the fourth, West Texas State, in 1982 when I began teaching English in White Deer, grades 6-8. In the fall of 1988, I took computer classes and yearbook advisory at Panhandle High School. After two years as a business teacher, I began absorbing English classes, primarily sophomores, while retaining the yearbook assignment. I "retired" in June of 2004 and have been a volunteer specifically for the 3 fourth grade teachers, but randomly other teachers as well. I also began substituting that same year and am currently a "long-term" substitute for the coach who died November 30, 2007.

I married Wayne Elliott Throgmorton, my high school sweetheart, two years after graduation. We have two children: a son, Rodney Allen, age 40, and Amy Nicole, age 35. Rodney and his wife Jerri-Lynn live in Panhandle with their three sons: Cory 12, Cade, 8, and Corbin 3.  Amy lives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma with husband Shawn Hammonds and their son, Easton Brett, 9. Relationships are life's greatest treasure and I am certain that humility is the bond, or the super glue that ensures permanence.


I was sprinkled in the Methodist Church in my hometown of Canton, Oklahoma at age 15. At 19, I studied the "five-step" plan of salvation and was baptized in the independent Christian Church, which bears a stone plaque: Church of Christ. We lived and worshiped in Panhandle for 33 years before coming to Central where Jesus is CENTRAL and we have grown phenomenally. How grateful my family is for your humility in staying in the neighborhood and being disciples of Jesus, the model of humility, who went about meeting need. It is our objective to live like Him.


—Becky Throgmorton



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