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Christy Reynolds

Central Sisters Write
Published by the Women’s Ministry at Central Church of Christ, Amarillo, TX

News Letter
April  2008
Vol. 6. Issue 4

It is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.  Philippians 2:13 NIV

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Highlights from Central

What an honor and a privilege to serve Jesus and to be His disciple. What a JOY it is for my Panhandle family to be in relationship with Central. On the Wednesdays we meet together, we never fail to comment on how blessed we are in being a part of the Central family.  There are several reasons that Central creates a fortress and a respite where souls can feast, grow, and serve others in return. We observe the elders who genuinely “flock” to visitors, to the needs of members, to hospitality, to leading the flock to green pastures and to lie down by still waters; they are visible and true servants of all our spiritual needs. Undoubtedly, this attitude assists the ministers to serve in their specific capacities. We are most grateful for Central’s humble decision to remain in the original location to best serve this neighborhood and beyond. How Christ-like! So we express our deepest gratitude to Mark Love, Central’s direct interface with this work. Greg Dowell is another minister who asks if needs are being met as he renders a menu of wholesome activities. David Kasselman quietly goes about attending to various efforts and seeing to details. Ken Danley is the pillar of patience who transforms the shy newcomer into a bubbling fountain of pure love or calms the child who needs a gentle touch.  Adam Gray impacts our youth in wholesome learning experiences challenging them on one hand and satisfying their needs on the other. Matthew Blake may be less visible, but he steps up, offering and rendering his personal assistance or that of his circle of influence.

Bob Crass also serves humbly and modestly, interviewing and encouraging his contacts as well as serving Central’s seniors. Steven Bruce belts out the beautiful songs that direct our minds and hearts in praise and adoration for our God and our Brother, Jesus Christ. Then there is Dan Bouchelle, the most obvious, public figure of the congregation, who may well receive the most positive attention; his insight and expression of biblical truths, his wit and humor make him an outstanding teacher as well as an inspiring pulpit minister.   All these men create a great team, devoted heart, mind, and soul to Christ, going and teaching all that He commands, doing so in word and deed: by example, the most inspiring and effective method of teaching and serving. 

        When humans can SEE a real-life model, the model is a magnet.  The aforementioned men are not the only outstanding servants of Christ at Central. Myrl Betts makes things happen for Women’s Ministries; undoubtedly a gourmet chef for she can stir the most reticent to participate wholeheartedly. Every occasion offered to women has been well organized and effective. The multitude of “Mary’s” who collect at Jesus feet to hear and to heed are too numerous to itemize here, but the environment and attitude that attracted people to His person has been recreated anew at Central through the loving efforts of leaders as well as common members. Everyone who participates illuminates the path of discipleship.  

       Wayne and I have experienced much encouragement and growth in the year and a half of relationship with Central; months ago I was almost overwhelmed by the speed and intensity, but I chose to meet the challenge as the benefits were exceedingly JOYFUL! The Small Group and Life Group of which Wayne and I have participated have been a profound influence as well as Bible classes and corporate worship. I am always elated to see Central members out and about in Amarillo; my family of origin is one of open expressions of affection and I may startle those I meet with uncontainable joy. I prefer to consider it the seed of Heaven sprouting in the here and now. Thank you for providing such soil.  

      -Becky Throgmorton

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