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Central Sisters Write
Published by the Women’s Ministry at Central Church of Christ, Amarillo, TX

News Letter
May  2008
Vol. 6. Issue 4

It is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.  Philippians 2:13 NIV

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Thanks to the things I learned at the Ladies Retreat held at the beautiful Bishop Quarterman Conference Center the weekend of April 11th and 12th! Cathy Burns did an excellent job of presenting a lesson on “Open the Eyes of Your Heart”, helping all of us see, examine and identify our fears and the coping skills we have developed and lived with for very long periods of time. The best thing I learned was that the love of God can and does replace and dispel those fears if we allow Him to be our focus! What a beautiful and freeing concept! There were several of us who confessed our fears, which in itself was cleansing, and being able to share those with our sisters in Christ was very edifying! I believe now, more than ever, that our own self-centered desires and fears separate us from the love of God.  Letting go of those fears and desires and actually meditating and spending time in the Word can be the only cure. Cathy gave us so many scriptures to spend time with and read and study. She revealed so many solutions to break down the walls we build to protect ourselves, but end up separating us from the love and peace that only God can give us. Thank you, Cathy! We are so grateful for the message God put on your heart to share with us.

We also enjoyed some great skits from the “FAB FIVE”…I am not sure how “fab” they were, but definitely entertaining! Judy Newton, Becky McCasland, Gaye Reeves, Linda Purdy and I enjoyed putting together two different skits, one about friendships, and the other about all the “fears” we had to face of being at a retreat! We had as much fun practicing and performing it as you all did watching it. The songs we sang and the thoughts that were shared during devotional times were great. Emily Barber and I chose the songs and they seemed to be perfect and just what we all needed--nothing more beautiful than all those voices singing praises to our God. I also loved the table decorations of hearts with glasses, and the bags full of goodies that Cathy arranged for us were just great!

Another highlight of the weekend for me was walking the Labyrinth. Suzanne Couch shared the history and her experience of doing this and encouraged all of us to do that before we left the retreat. I was enlightened and found it was a great way to meditate and focus on God and His will in my life. Thanks for that, Suzanne!

The only disappointment for me was missing many of my sisters who could not make it. We missed everyone of you! Please make every effort to be there next year if at all possible. We are not complete without you!

Becky Douglass and her committee did a fantastic job. We had great food, snacks, fun, fellowship, comfortable beds (even if they were “trundle” beds) and most of all, time out to learn more about our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard in making this a most wonderful experience!

-Lisa Hancock

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