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Mission Ministries in Juarez, Mexico

     “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  These are the words that echoed in my heart when I recently joined a group under the auspices of Mission Ministries of Denver.  Their mission works in a part of Juarez, Mexico that could be called a shantytown.  There is no running water there, limited electricity, and most of the dwellings are small shanties built from whatever is available.  The group of which I was a part was composed of 27 people who raised $16,000 to build 2 houses for families selected by Mission Ministries.  The concrete slabs had already been poured and the material for the walls and roofs were cut.The first day the framing was done, walls raised, roofing done, siding nailed on, doors and windows placed, and insulation installed.  The second day the women painted the outside while the men sheet rocked and taped the inside.  The small 3-room house was finished and a devotional was held and the key presented to the family which consisted of a man and his wife, 3 sons--two of whom were married--and

a grandson.  Both young women were pregnant--one with twins.  These people were living in a small place that had a dirt floor and with barrels that held their water.

      A highlight of our trip was to go to a church in the afternoon to feed approximately 225 children.  Nutrition there is very poor; the provided meal consisted of ham and cheese sandwiches, oranges, grape juice, and a bag of chips.  The highlight for the children was ice cream bars.  They loved those! 

     An evening service was held that night with a preacher encouraging them to give their hearts to God.  They sang for us and we sang for them and all were singing praises to our God. 

     Although we had trepidation about safety in Juarez, we were never in danger.  Mission Ministries has a secure place in the midst of this settlement and delicious meals were provided in their compound which was comfortable.   

     What a way to make one aware of blessings!

—Virginia Rhodes
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