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An Appeal to Writers 

Rush Limbaughís talent may be on loan from God, but so is ours. And you know what they say about talentóuse it or lose it.

Our goal for this newsletter is that it be written by Central women for Central women. Some months we just donít have the input from our ladies (and girls) to accomplish that goal. What does that mean? It means we need you to write for us!

I know, I know, your first reaction is that you canít write or that you have nothing to say, or that you are too busy. Letís look at those arguments.

Get it out of your head that you must be an author to write. Did you ever write an essay, or even an essay question in school? If you went to college you had to write term papers, correct? So what if your grammar isnít perfect and your spelling is awful. (Did you know Teddy Roosevelt was such a poor speller he tried to get a law passed through Congress for all words to be spelled phonetically?) Let your sisters who have those talents do their work as editors and you will look good. After all, every book or magazine article published goes through editors. Itís the thoughts that make a writer!

Hmm, thoughts. Now donít even try to tell us you donít have thoughts about things! How did Danís sermon affect you on Sunday? What new thing about the Bible did you learn in Sunday School? What lesson did your child teach you this week? Did you observe something at the mall that triggered your anger, pity or amazement?

Have you read a good book lately? Tell us about it. One thing we have wanted for a long time are book reviews. We have a one page format of questions to help you write a perfect book review. Contact Mary Ellen Evans for a copy.

I think it was Will Rogers (sorry I canít find the exact quote) that said, ďPeople are about as busy as they want to be.Ē Now Will died before this old world became a souped-up, super express, fast spinning top, but we still find time for what we think is important. The first thing a writing student learns is to carry a couple of note cards in her pocket or purse and jot down ideas as they come to her waiting in lines, or shopping, etc. On the back of that same card you can begin writing your article. We only need items between 200 and 400 words. Thatís somewhere between 1/2 and a full page typed in 12 font Arial, and a little less if you like Times Roman. If you write in long hand thatís about one to two pages.

We also encourage our young girls and teens to submit items. Poems, or an essay you wrote in school work great.

There you have it! You can give your submissions to Cathy Sifuentez or Christy Reynolds, or you leave them with Gail in the office. If you are a computer user you can send them to cathysif@sbcglobal.net. Oh yes, we also like cartoons & art work, or snap shots of our Central ladies.

Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps, if you are not willing to move your feet.

óAuthor Unknown

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