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Published by the Women’s Ministry at Central Church of Christ, Amarillo, TX

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It is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.  Philippians 2:13 NIV

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What a privilege and honor to serve Jesus who has done so much for man. How can anyone refuse His call to act in His behalf? Certainly, Moses tried to argue that he was not eloquent, Jonah tried to escape, and Adam and Eve tried to hide, but to no avail. I too experienced some reservations: the first was that I had been a Central member only one year, and I had not even completed my first assignment as coordinator of the GED Graduation Reception. How could I be trusted? I kept thinking that surely someone else desired the role. But when Myrl Betts takes your hand and will not let go until she has said my name came to her through inspiration and that God would equip me --- how could I refuse? (Even worse, WHY would I --- if I know the LORD, trust Him, love Him? )

Myrl Betts is phenomenal! When she lays her need, in His service, at the LORD’s feet, He responds to her meekness. The Women’s Ministries owe her a debt of gratitude for her loving devotion and service of these past three years, and truly she has her reward secured in heaven. Myrl reflects the quality leadership which preceded her. The accomplishments of Myrl and Women’s Ministries would not be possible without the faithfulness of elders and the congregational-wide support as well as the structural support of the Planning Team. Please be patient with me while I grow into the shoes I am to fill so I too can follow Jesus.

Since the first Sunday in August, 2006, Central and its heart-principles have possessed my family’s and my respect and devotion. We were welcomed by numerous members. We appreciated the visibility of the elders. We were warmed in heart by the conscious decision of Central to serve the neighborhood and the commitment that sustained that decision. We appreciated the work with Martha’s Home as one example of specific outreach. That year the annual picnic was held in Sneed Hall and we were not privileged to observe and share with the homeless as we did in 2007 at the park. I observed gratitude at its best among the homeless residents. I observed gratitude at its best at the two GED Graduation Receptions with which I have been involved. Maybe I just don’t need much encouragement, but their expressions of thanks reinforced my desire to serve. My family and I love the Central family and no sacrifice is too small or too great to be in the LORD’s presence here --- pure joy! We have experienced blessings from a decision to commit more before we ever actualized an iota! I will not attempt to itemize answered prayer in the past two years!

At my mama’s funeral, my precious son-in-law embraced me and whispered, “You do a great job of comforting others.” It has been a defining moment. I RECEIVE comfort when I comfort others. I receive what I need when I give it. I believe this is the key to perpetual renewal of resources. Share what you have. By serving the brotherhood of mankind, God equips us with everything we need to serve; His supply always exceeds bare need and we get to keep the overages for future application. My favorite scripture, I John1:8,16, declares, “God is love.” If anyone has ever loved, been loved, or desires to be loved, one has experienced God whether one acknowledges or denies the fact. So, continue in love.

—Becky Throgmorton

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