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It is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.  Philippians 2:13 NIV

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The End of My Rope

In a few days, decisions will have been made collectively by the people. These decisions are certain to affect the economy. What CAN I DO? I must vote my conscience and the rest is faith. Regardless of the outcome of significant events, I examine my coins and maintain the motto of our forefathers, “In God we trust.” This legacy reflects the attitude of Jesus and His followers.

As disciples, we KNOW that Jesus has already tied a knot in the end of our proverbial rope. In the proverb, or adage, we are instructed to “tie a knot . . .” in order to have a secure edge upon which to cling. A knot would indicate that foresight and preparation have been acted upon, in preparation for reaching an end. I have a rope, my life; there are unknowns like how long life in the flesh will be, but I DO KNOW how long eternity is --- without end. I DO KNOW it is my choice, my option and my decision as to where I will spend it. Do I want to spend it where LOVE is --- in relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Or will I, by direct choice or by default, choose to spend eternity where there is no love, in outer darkness, with Satan and his followers?

Jesus’ disciples do not trust in coins, or collective amounts thereof, but if we reflect on the motto of our forefathers in faith, our forefathers in personal responsibility for our own freedom, and all our forebears who have taught personal responsibility for our own conduct, we will observe some mastery learning of the teaching of Jesus. We will have the poise and dignity that only our Lord secures, a heart of loving gratitude, a heart of total trust in our relationship with God, a lifetime of loving service in that relationship with Him. Our relationship bears an abundance of opportunity to be where Love IS now, to dwell at the end of our rope where the secure place has a firm grip, or handle, to which we can reach out and rescue others. In the flesh, we will daily have opportunity to encourage others by our modeling and instructions. In a few days, that encouragement may be the most valuable gift or possession needed to stabilize our families, neighborhoods, communities, state, nation, continent, and world. God never fails those who place their trust in Him for He has supplied every resource to adjust to new circumstances where He is our Constant. Hold the FAITH.

—Becky Throgmorton

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