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Cathy Sifuentez
Christy Reynolds

Central Sisters Write

Vol. 7 Issue 7
June 2009

Published monthly by the Womenís Ministry at Central Church of Christ, Amarillo, TX
It is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose. Philippians 2:13 NIV


Independence Day For Me 


My daughters are both married and my son is college bound,
It's quiet as I sip my coffee as I glance around.
For over twenty years I raised my family faithfully,
And brought them up to be the very best that they could be.

They always kept me busy and my work was never done,
But I am not complaining because most of it was fun.
My husband loves the job he has and complimented me,
For being such a great mom as we both worked diligently.

But now the house is empty and the children are all grown,
My husband is still working as I sit here all alone.
I take another sip of coffee and enjoy the quiet,
Remembering some past times when this house seemed like a riot.

So now my days are mine alone, each and every day,
And now I have my husband's blessing doing what I may.
He said I earned this freedom and he said just have a ball,
For twenty years around the clock you took care of us all.

For over twenty years he said your life was not your own,
So please enjoy this freedom now that all the kids are grown.
He said he has worked all day long and will for

all his life,
But said to me and others he will never match his wife.

So as I think about my life and how my days shall be,
I love the fact that I can do what ever pleases me.
Maybe I will find a job or maybe I'll sleep in,
Maybe I will call my husband and have lunch with him.

Maybe I will just go shopping at the local mall,
Maybe I will just stay home and do nothing at all.
Maybe I will call some friends just to reminisce,
Maybe I will just sit here and savor all of this.

I start to feel some guilt creep in like I am being lazy,
I wonder now if all this freedom might just drive me crazy.
But then I hear my husband's words echo in my mind,
You have earned this freedom now enjoy your extra time.

I have the time, I have the freedom, and I have my health,
I have my husband's blessing just to go and spoil myself.
Many mothers will relate to what I now will say,
When you reach this point in life it's Independence Day.

Source: skywriting.net

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