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Cathy Sifuentez

Central Sisters Write
Published monthly by the Women’s Ministry at Central Church of Christ, Amarillo, TX

Vol. 8 Issue 10
October  2010

It is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose. Philippians 2:13 NIV

Your Help Needed

I think Zig Ziglar was the person I first heard define a rut as a grave without the ends. Ruts are so easy to fall into and follow. Ruts are insidious to a point we often don’t recognize we are in one until we are desperate to get out.

Ministries too, can fall into ruts. We become so used to having them around that they become like the sunshine – they just happen without much notice on our part. Rather like an car on cruise control, both we in our service and the ministries in which we serve just move right along without much thought on our part. Cruise control, however, doesn’t mean we cannot not pay attention to our driving. Many things occur to require adjustment to our speed.

The Planning Team who guides Central’s Women’s Ministries has decided our overall ministry is in a rut, running along on cruise con-

control. It is time to look things over, re-evaluate and revamp our ministries’ purpose and effectiveness. You will be hearing about these changes in the coming weeks and months. We ask for your prayers, input and ideas. Our first step in this review is to survey our women to see what they are thinking.

This will be done in Sunday school class and as it is short, will take about five minutes or less. We ask that you please participate .If you don’t attend Sunday school, or are out of pocket and miss taking it in class, you will find a copy in the Women’s Newsletter on line. Print it off, fill it out and mail it to, or turn it in to the office.

Each year Women’s Ministries picks a theme tied to a goal. This year we have picked identifying and using our spiritual gifts as our theme. The purpose of spiritual gifts is to use them to glorify God and to aid in the work of the church. Because

spiritual gifts are a topic that is not widely taught in the Church, many of us go our entire life without knowing what our gift is. When we are serving within the area of our gift, we are much happier with our service. If you would like to take a self-administered test to determine what your spiritual gift/s is/are (we are often blessed with more than one), please see one of the Planning Team members (names are listed in the women’s newsletter and also in the October newsletter online – look under “adults” on the church web site and click on “women”). This offer is to men as well as women. Take the test, determine your gift and then volunteer in an existing ministry or create a ministry of your own. Remember, more is required of a Christian than warming a pew.



—Women’s Ministry Planning Team


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