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Cathy Sifuentez

Central Sisters Write
Published monthly by the Women’s Ministry at Central Church of Christ, Amarillo, TX

Vol. 8 Issue 11

It is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose. Philippians 2:13 NIV

Looking at Blessings

by Mary Ellen Evans

A few weeks back, Don Kelley challenged our Sunday school class to make a list of twenty blessings for which we never or rarely give praise or thanks to God. For example, the look of wonder on a child’s face when he/she has learned something new, or the way God paints with light, the smell of rain or the joy laughter gives. As I began the list, I thought it would be hard to think of twenty things, but the opposite was true. Things tumbled from mind for several days. I looked at my list and thought how sad there were so many things for which I had never offered any praise or a thank you to my Father. Right after I prayed for forgiveness, I began to praise Him for the items on my list. Each day it seems my list grows.

How about you? Will you take Don’s challenge? Prepare your list between now and Thanksgiving. When you thank God for these blessings before you dig into the turkey, you (and hopefully those hearing your prayer) will have a better understanding of how deeply God loves and cares for us.

Message from the Planning Team

As stated on the Women’s Ministry survey taken in October, the Planning Team does not want to become stagnant in meeting the needs of the women at Central. We are currently discussing the information given to us via the survey and are evaluating changes to conform to your suggestions.

Most of you said you read and like the newsletter. Here too, look for a change to make it better and of more value to you. There will be a column, written by a licensed nutritionist, with information on how to buy, store and cook basic foods.

Thank you for reading and keep checking. We’ll announce changes and events as we get them finalized.

—–The Planning Team

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