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Women’s Ministry News

Volume 9    Issue 1

Women of Central Church of Christ
1401 S. Monroe St., Amarillo, Texas  79101-4093

January 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

The Planning Team is excited about our program for 2011. We have new ministries, new ideas and new directions. We’ll be sharing more about all this in the weeks to come but we hope you will be pleased and will want to be with us in “reaching in, reaching out and reaching up.”

Becky Throgmorton has resigned as WM leader after serving a three-year term. We are grateful to her for her service and love her for her servant heart. Mary Ellen

Evans has stepped in, not so much as WM leader, but more as chair of the Planning Team. It has always been the Planning Team who makes the decisions for WM and this will continue.

Keeping in mind our established purpose for WM, the Team has completely reorganized our special events to include the things that you said you wanted in the survey. We hope you will like and support these events.

WM has always been about more than special events,

however. Our ministries, too, have been scrutinized. We made a few changes to old ministries and added some new ones that we hope will interest you. We will be featuring them in future issues of this newsletter. If you would like to work in that ministry, please contact the person that will be listed in each article.

Our theme for 2011 is “Heart of a Servant.” We hope we can help you to use the gifts you have been given in service to God, his church and his kingdom.


2011 Special Events

The Women’s Ministry Planning Team has an exciting and uplifting year planned for you. We’ll begin with the Appreciation Tea on January 23rd. As usual, we will lift our winter doldrums with An Evening of Chocolate on February 8. April 8-9 we will have our yearly retreat, but it will be something new and

different with “Mugs, Muffins and Merriment”. WoW will be in July as usual. There will be another Mugs & Muffins event in the fall.

We worked hard to encompass many of the things you said on the survey you wanted in our special events. Don’t miss them!

One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Women’s Ministry Purpose

1. To provide women a means of using their spiritual gifts & talents to serve the Lord, the church, the community & each other.

2. To provide ways to deepen women’s faith and knowledge.

3. To provide fellowship & friendship to all women of Central.

4. To provide a cohesive manner to unite the women of Central.

5. To provide opportunities to serve in Community Outreach.

Coming Events for Involvement

Jan. 23 Appreciation Tea
Feb 8 An Evening of Chocolate
Apr 8-9 Mugs, Muffins & Merriment (a sort of retreat)
July 19 WoW
Nov. 5 Muffins, Mugs & Proverbs

Mark these dates on your calendar now! 

Planning Team Members

Debra Cearley
Mary Ellen Evans
Linda Haines
Karen Hubbard
Janelle Jackson
Mary Sue Lemmon
Judy Patrick
Becky Robertson
Pat Smith

The planning team meets the 2nd Wed. of the month in the Heritage Conf. Rm.& anyone may attend. If you wish to put an item on the agenda, please contact Mary Ellen Evans no later than the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

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