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Women’s Ministry News

Volume 9    Issue 2

Women of Central Church of Christ
1401 S. Monroe St., Amarillo, Texas  79101-4093

February 2011


Conversation, Comfort, and Chocolate

February marks the middle month of winter so, like acknowledging the solstice, we ladies like to mark the middle of winter. After all, we are half way through the long dark nights, the forgotten resolutions and the need for coats, sweaters and gloves.

It is the time to celebrate with the three C’s: conversation, comfort (food), and chocolate! This Tuesday, join your sisters in Sneed Hall at 7 p.m. for An Evening of Chocolate. Bring some chocolate of your choice and chat ‘n chew the evening away in fun and fellowship (and did we mention chocolate?).

For those whom chocolate is not an option, there will be other flavors of goodies available.
See ya there!

Save the Date

The planning team has been working for three years to get a nationally known speaker to come to Amarillo. We’ve met with major hurdles like the thousands of dollars it costs to get them, and the fact that Amarillo is too small of a city for them to spend time in. However, we have a chance on April 1 & 2 to host a simulcast of Women of Joy speaker, Priscilla Shirer. Please pray about this; that we can host it and that it will be a successful outreach to Amarillo.
The W.M. Planning Team

 Appreciation Tea

A big thank you to Christy Gromowsky for hosting the Women’s Ministry Appreciation Tea. And a big thank you to all of you who volunteered to help out in our ministries or a women’s event.

We are so appreciative of your servant heart and of your helping hands. You are what makes everything work and you are showing others Christ through your good work.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.
                       ~Denis Waitley

Women’s Ministry Purpose

1. To provide women a means of using their spiritual gifts & talents to serve the Lord, the church, the community & each other.

2. To provide ways to deepen women’s faith and knowledge.

3. To provide fellowship & friendship to all women of Central.

4. To provide a cohesive manner to unite the women of Central.

5. To provide opportunities to serve in Community Outreach.

Coming Events for Involvement

Feb 8 An Evening of Chocolate
Apr 8-9 Mugs, Muffins & Merriment (a sort of retreat)
July 19 WoW
Nov. 5 Muffins, Mugs & Proverbs

Mark these dates on your calendar now! 

Planning Team Members

Debra Cearley
Mary Ellen Evans
Linda Haines
Karen Hubbard
Janelle Jackson
Mary Sue Lemmon
Judy Patrick
Becky Robertson
Pat Smith

The planning team meets the 2nd Wed. of the month in the Heritage Conf. Rm.& anyone may attend. If you wish to put an item on the agenda, please contact Mary Ellen Evans no later than the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

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