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Women’s Ministry News

Volume 9    Issue 4

Women of Central Church of Christ
1401 S. Monroe St., Amarillo, Texas  79101-4093

April 2011

 Thank You from the Priscilla Planning Team

The necessary travel and cost of the tickets makes it impossible for many of us to attend the big arena events like “Going Forward” and “Women of Joy”. By doing a simulcast, it makes it possible for many who would not otherwise hear the excellent lessons to be uplifted and encouraged to know we are not alone in our problems and Christian walk.

To all of you who stepped forward to help with the “Priscilla Event,” a big thank you! It isn’t often we have so many visitors in our building for a women’s event or even a lesson from scripture. An event this size took more than 40 volunteers to pull off. A number of you volunteered as a result of the

appeal in last month’s newsletter and the  rest  of  you said “yes” when approached to help.  Thank you so much for that.  The Central staff stepped up to help us in ways before we could even think of asking them for help.  April Johansson quickly worked us into her very busy schedule so we could have our posters ASAP. Kevin Schaffer and Keegan Reid worked hours setting up the technical connections.  Many were in prayer, even walking around the building calling down God’s blessings on those who would attend.  Myrl Betts, Janelle Jackson and Mary Sue Lemmon spent hours delivering 100 posters around town.  Linda Purdy sent out many e-mails.  Karen Hubbard was

the coordinator of the event and she spent not only hours,  but also days, communicating with Priscilla’s ministry folks in getting permissions, signing contracts, ordering materials, etc.  Without her efforts the event would have never gotten off the ground.  Vickie Nelson helped answer our budget questions and kept us on track financially.  LifeWay bookstore helped us sell tickets.  The Bagel Shop gave us a good deal on food.  Each member of the Planning Team headed up one or more of the many committees needed, but without the cooperation of all who volunteered, we could not have done this large of a task alone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

2011 Special Events
Evening of Chocolate

Well, of course an Evening of Chocolate was fun! And we all ate as much chocolate, fresh fruit & other flavored goodies as we could hold. We laughed at the entertainment, we sang along

with Lisa Hancock, and we chatted and ate with our sisters. Thanks so much to Gaye Reeves, Pam Pearson, Connie Crawford, Judy Rogers,Linda Purdy, Lisa Hancock, Sandy

 Matney, Carol Jones and Debbie Jones for a wonderful evening.


Women’s Ministry Purpose


To provide women a means of using their spiritual gifts & talents to serve the Lord, the church, the community & each other.

2. To provide ways to deepen women’s faith and knowledge.
3. To provide fellowship & friendship to all women of Central.
4. To provide a cohesive manner to unite the women of Central.
5. To provide opportunities to serve in Community Outreach.

Coming Events for Involvement

July 19 WoW
Nov. 5 Muffins, Mugs & Proverbs

Mark these dates on your
calendar now!

Planning Team Members

Debra Cearley
Mary Ellen Evans
Linda Haines
Karen Hubbard
Janelle Jackson
Mary Sue Lemmon
Judy Patrick
Becky Robertson
Pat Smith

The planning team meets the 2nd Wed. of the month in the Heritage Conf. Rm.& anyone may attend. If you wish to put an item on the agenda, please contact Mary Ellen Evans no later than the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

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