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Volume 9  

June 2011

Issue 6

Editor: Cathy Sifuentez 

Published by Central Church of Christ Women                   

Special Edition - Welcome Newcomers!

Marli was born in Amarillo.  She attended Western Plateau and Amarillo High School.  She is now attending WT and majoring in Elementary Education.  She enjoys working with young children, singing and playing video games.  She is engaged to Derrick Shaw, with wedding plans for 2012.  She is the daughter of Jim and Laura Fox.  Marli attends the Young Adults Class at Central.


Kristi was born in Oklahoma and spent the early years of her life there.  She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with a degree in Accounting and got her MBA there.  She worked for Southwest National Bank while in Oklahoma.  In September 2010 she moved to Amarillo.  She is an accountant with Education Credit Union.  She enjoys traveling and visiting with friends and family.  She attends the Romans 15:14 Bible Class at Central.

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