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Kilroy Was Here

During World War II, in a Quincy, MA ship yard, there was an inspector by the name of J. J. Kilroy. Mr. Kilroy’s job was to inspect the thousands of rivets with which the ships were built. As he would inspect the rows and rows of rivets, when he would need to take a break or when he left for the day, he would draw a line through the last rivet inspected and write, “Kilroy was here.”

    The thousands and thousands of men transported to the war in those ships saw this oft-repeated phrase; as young men are want to do, they turned it into a graffiti doodle and left it all across Europe to show where the American soldiers had been. It became a popular expression in pop culture because it was seen in so many places, used in so many ways, and drawn on so many different types of surfaces.

     Mr. Kilroy was just doing his job in the best way he knew, yet his

simple way of keeping track of his place started an action that expressed something deeper. At that time in history, Americans were respected for, among other things, their inventiveness, resourcefulness, determination and for getting a job done well. The Kilroy graffiti became a signature of the American soldier saying the job was done.

    As a Christian we will likely never create, intentionally or otherwise, an icon as well known as “Kilroy.” However, we should live our life in such a way that the traits reflect what we stand for: love of our fellow man, joy in life, and a peace about us. We don’t need an icon to show the world. The way we live is our icon. It says, “Jesus was here!”

     Thought for today: How often do I think about reflecting Christ in my actions or dealings with those about me?

     Pray for: A will whose actions and words always reflect Christ.


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