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Volume 9  

December 2011

Issue 12

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez

Mary Ellen Evans

I am intrigued at the symbolism we find in the Bible. God has placed it there, like little jewels, for us to discover and gain wisdom and knowledge. He created us to be visual learners and much of his symbolism is designed as reminders from him to us, to do, be and live more in his will than ours. 

The passage below is a good example of how we can learn from and use Godís symbols for us. It is from the novel, A Virgin River Christmas, by Robyn Carr. 

ďThere is a lot of conjecture as to whether it was an actual astronomical event or something divinely created to announce the birth of Christ.  Youíll expect me to tell you that it is my belief, from scripture, that it was the latter. Whatís more important to me is not whether it was nature in motion, or a Godly miracle, but what it means to us today. Itís a symbol of Christianity that reigns second only to the cross. It is a gift of light, of guidance, of leadership, of passage and understanding and illuminanation.

 ďHave you ever been driven to do something, but lacked direction? Have you ever been one of those people who didnít pray too often but were in sudden, desperate need of help and found yourself on your knees? The star is faith. A belief that a power greater than ourselves will, given the opportunity, lead us to our destination. The star is meaning, purpose, and promise that weíll be given divine illumination. That our way will be filled with the light of understanding and keep us from stumbling. That is the miracle of the star.Ē 

There are many symbols in scripture. The Temple curtain, the cross, the star, the bread and the wine, are some of the more obvious ones, but there are many, many more to be discovered in our reading of his Word. Each symbol had a purpose at the time it was used in scripture, but also has further meaning and lesson for us today if we only stop in our reading to ponder on them.


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