Up Women with Jesus Jesus p.2 Cook's Corner


Volume 10  

January 2012

Issue 1

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez


Dear God, 

The world seems to be in a complete state of chaos. The news is so full of gloom and doom. We are in recession. Many have lost their jobs, their homes and their savings because of people who were and are corrupt. Our government leaders cannot agree on anything and get along. We have and are facing government shutdowns. Their egos have gotten so in the way; each person wants to have his own way and not be willing to compromise. Lord, they need to look up to you and seek your guidance. 

I am sure you must look down on the earth sometimes and be reminded of Sodom and Gomorrah. So many are living in the fast lane and anything goes such as homosexuality, transsexuality, pornography. The internet has opened up all kinds of perversions. Children are cutting themselves, small children are being pushed into modeling; anorexia and other various eating disorders are on the rise.

So many more people are homeless, some through no fault of their own. Some of this is caused by them losing their jobs; some have returned from the military with various problems such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

God, please heal our nation and bring restoration. Let your mercy overflow in us and cleanse us by the blood of Jesus. You are the firm foundation. One thing we know for sure, when ev≠erything appears to be falling apart, we can always trust you. As Christians, we donít live as the world lives because you are our comforter and our strength. We donít look to the government as our deliverer, but we keep our eyes on you and look UP.

Thank you, God, for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.

In Jesusí name, I pray, 

Your humble servant, Myrl Betts 

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