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Volume 10  

February 2012

Issue 2

Published by Central Church of Christ Women 
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez



How blessed I am that you have given me this day. Your mercies, love and forgiveness continue to refresh my soul and remind me daily of how mindful you are of your children. 

I ask you that you would guide my thoughts and deeds as I seek to glorify you.  Take charge of my memory. As I walk, let me walk close to You, fearing nothing because you promised never would I walk alone. 

The richness of your blessings is always before me.  Thank you, Lord, for the freedoms I enjoy.  Restore us, Father, as a nation that seeks to live to acknowledge you. 

Father, fill me with knowledge of your will; increase my spiritual wisdom and understand as I read and study your word. Teach me your way. 

Guard my children from Satanís influence.  Give them confidence as your children.  Make opportunities for them to seek after truth and goodness. 

For those who are ill, fighting spiritual battles, sorrow and depression, I ask that you would pour an extra measure of your strength into their hearts and that you would make your presence known to them in a very special way this day. 

I love you Lord and seek always to please you. 

In Jesus name I pray,

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