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Volume 10  

March 2012

Issue 3

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez


Having recently returned to Amarillo after being gone for 12 years, I write a lot of e-mails to several “left behind” friends. Late on the evening of Feb. 9, I wrote:

        I just returned from an EVENING OF CHOCOLATE at our church. Let me tell you:  It was SO much fun !!! -- never been to one and didn't know what to expect.  It was snowing when I was driving to the building and I guessed there probably wouldn't be many there; I was wrong…at least 75-80 women there…a surprisingly large crowd of all ages - including a table of teenagers, which I thought was great.

        The thoughtful and caring planners had hired a policeman to be on the parking lot the entire evening for the safety of the ladies. He was in his marked car, very visible. As I walked by, I told him I was glad to see him--he said "thank you, ma'am”. 

       Once inside, I placed my chocolate contribution on one of the many decorated red and white tables. I sat with a girl that I knew from long ago; a friendship renewed. We were instructed to get a plate; go to the tables; get all the chocolate we wanted.  Now let me tell you ----THAT WAS FUN!!!   So much to choose from - both homemade and not. 

       Shortly, the MC (???) told the benefits of

chocolate - some were pretty funny; such as: chocolate comes from cocoa beans...a bean...therefore it must be a vegetable and good for us!!!  I heard no objections.

      Then we did a couple of mixers, a great way to meet people.  The last activity was absolutely so much fun.  At each end of the room were 4 tables with poster board and a brown paper sack on each.  They asked us to go to a table, form a group of 8, look in the bottom of the sack to find the name of a minister. 

       Our job was to decorate a valentine for this person AND make it as ugly as possible.

A prize would be given for creativity. How funny – we had to do reverse thinking; usually, valentines are pretty.

     The sack contained crayons, colored markers, lots of feathers, pompoms, paper doilies, glue, etc. Working together to make an ugly valentine was fun. Ours was a mess!!!  

       Time for judging! We laughed and laughed as the valentine creations were shown and explained ---- the high point of the evening for me. A first place winner and a couple of honorable mentions were selected.  We were told that the valentines would be delivered Feb. 14 to the offices upstairs.                                  (cont’d)

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