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Volume 10  

June 2012

Issue 6

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez


     June is indeed a month of activity. Many of us have more than one date circled as June is a popular month for weddings. Having “been there, done that,” both as a bride and as mother of the bride, I can still relate to the stress of the event.

        It would seem Jesus’ mother, Mary, was of the same mind when she attended the wedding in Canaan.

     How fortunate the host was to have them present to prevent a wedding disaster.

     Perhaps the smoothest union was Adam and Eve’s. Eve definitely had advantages. Stop and think about it.

     When she and Adam met, she didn’t have to wonder:

·         Is this the right man for me?

·         No concerns about some other “young

thing” vying for her man’s attention.

·         No stress of saying, “Yes, to the dress.”

·         No worries about forgetting someone from the invitation list.

·         No decisions about attendants, or

·         Decisions about which photographer, caterer or florist.

     Yes, indeed, Eve was unique.

     Yet, some things all brides in God’s family have in common, regardless the month she marries:

·         the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,

·         the love of God and

·         the fellowship example for all brides,


by Linda Haines

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