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Volume 10  

August 2012

Issue 8

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez


     It was hardly a picnic in the park.

     Jesus crosses the Sea of Galilee, goes up on a mountainside, sits down with his disciples. He looks up to see about five thousand people headed towards him.

     A wondrous story of a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish unfolds.

     Elisha fed one hundred men with twenty loaves of barley and had leftovers. BUT, five small loaves and two small fish; five thousand people (thatís a five with a comma and three zeroes!) with leftovers! A miracle indeed!

     Amazement overflows at the reality of the story. Sure a mountainside provides enough space for 5,000, but what activities are available for the children, port-a-potties, drinks to go along with bread and fishÖis there shade from the heat and where is the sound system?

    How is it possible that 5,000 people sitting in the open on a

mountainside can possibly hear Jesus speak?!

     Oh, yes, there is more to the story than five loaves and two fish.

     There is always more any time Jesus speaks. 

     We always leave HIS presence well fed and with leftovers for later hunger. 

REMEMBER: Centralís Family Picnic in Ellwood Park, August 26 immediately following worship services. More than food will be available to feed you.

Linda Haines

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