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Volume 10  

September 2012

Issue 9

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez

Take “be still and know…” Time

      In the land of Day-by-Day, the cities of All the Time pause to celebrate Labor Day…. A time intended for resting from the fatigue of work.


      What a strange people we are.   From the very beginning of the beginning, the creator of the heavens and earth set the concept of resting from a week of labor into place. It was a required practice of this Chosen people; serious consequences for those who violated this command.

      As with so many things human, we perverted the concept of a day of rest to “busyness of

whatever.” A day to catch up on chores left undone, or yet to be done, a quick weekend trip, a shopping day or labor disguised as sports or recreation, anything BUT a day free of any form of activity or labor.

      While we are no longer under “the law”, our Lord Jesus took time to rest from his labor. 

      He frequently stole away to a quiet place to rest his mind, emotions and body: Time to refresh his soul.

     Perhaps Labor Day would be a great day to example Jesus and our Heavenly Father in a Sabbath rest.

Linda Haines

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