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Volume 10  

October 2012

Issue 10

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez


     One’s spiritual heart may be gauged by conduct. Jezebel possessed none of the tender, appealing qualities of womanhood. Not one soul would ever say of her, “Blessed are you among women.”

     Foul heart, fierce temper, she became everything a woman should NOT be. She destroyed everything in her path, becoming a fountain of evil.

     Whoever wrote these words,  “Men differ as heaven and earth; women as heaven and hell,” knew a Jezebel.   

      Jezebel, a queen, took what she wanted, even if it required murder. Domineering, she plagued and belittled her husband with the age old, “Are you a man or a mouse?” provoking him to do wrong.

     Strife and confusion follows Jezebel like a shadow. She lives in infamy as everlasting testimony: it is wise to be righteous—foolish to be wicked.

      Realization of sin’s destructive power furnishes forceful incentives to seek righteousness.

      Choosing a way of life does not determine the consequences of conduct.  God’s absolute power determines consequences.

      Those of her own household threw the wicked witch of the world out a window of her home. Dogs devoured her body, leaving only the skull, the palms of her hands and the feet for burial.

      The skull:  thinking power; the hands:  productive power; feet:  walking power. Even dogs refused these parts of Jezebel!

      Keeping the heart pure, ready to enter heaven becomes a weighty responsibility.   Making no effort to groom the heart, the inner being, diseased and pitiful, will step into eternity to bear the consequences.

      “A Jezebel let me not be. Keep me, Father, ever close to Thee. Create within me a righteous desire to become the person you would have me to be.”

Linda Haines 

(Definition: Witches: women who possess evil. References: I Kings chapters 18-21.) 

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