Volume 11 

April 2013

Issue 4

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez


      Who could not love the month of April? Not only is Spring struggling to bloom, but it is that glorious time of the year when income taxes are due. “How special is that?!”

     Paying taxes is hardly a modern day privilege. Charges imposed by government on persons and/or properties date back to the Old Testament. Man paid a poll tax of half-shekel for the support of the tabernacle worship, as well. (Exodus 30:15)

For many of us, our first introduction to taxes comes with the learning of a song about a “wee little man,” named Zacchaeus. While the essence of the song is Zacchaeus was small in stature, climbed a tree to enable him to see Jesus; Jesus walked by, looked up, saw Zacchaeus, telling him to come down because Jesus was going to his house that very day.

     Not until later in Bible education does the rest of the story come to light. Zacchaeus was NOT this sweet little man every one adored. He was a Tax Collector, disliked and despised by everyone! It was not his precariousness that prompted Jesus to want to go to his house! Or was it?

    Could it be that Jesus’ eyes saw not the stature of the man or the chief among publicans or a man regarded as a traitor who was defiled by his contracts with pagans?

     Did he see Zacchaeus, the sinner OR could it be that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, saw Zacchaeus, the seeker? Someone so desperately desired to see and hear the Savior that he ran to climb the tree? 

     In the East it was unusual for a man to run, especially a wealthy government official. And to put aside his dignity to climb a tree—simply unheard of! Could it be that Jesus saw someone who would make haste, come down and receive him joyfully?

     This is the only instance in the four gospels of Jesus inviting himself into someone’s home. The evening ended with Zacchaeus committing half of his wealth to the poor and restoring fourfold to any man he had wronged. Jesus ended the evening saying, “Today salvation has come to this home.”

     WOW, what an April event—think about it as you pay your taxes.

Linda Haines