Volume 12

May 2013

Issue 5

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Cathy Sifuentez

Companions on the Journey



Eldrena McMenamy,  guest speaker, April 7, 2013, for the Mother/Daughter Tea.

   On April 7, a very pleasant Sunday afternoon, about 100 women of all ages gathered in the Youth Center for a Mother/Daughter Tea.  Speaker for the afternoon was Eldrena (aka, Drena) McMenamy.

      First, we mingled, munching very tasty refreshments. Then, we settled at tables where we shared  information about ourselves: where we were born, the special meaning of our name and the culture of our name. 

      Drena began telling her story. A Pueblo Indian, Drena’s heritage includes three different tribes:
Hopi, Tewah, and Leguna.  She grew up in the Indian culture in Arizona and  New Mexico.

       An older relative gave her the name, Na Sun Mana, which means “little girl who likes to eat a lot.”   

     Eldrena’s first contact with Christianity was at a Vacation Bible School in Winslow, Arizona. She remembers two things from that experience: Play-Doh and Kool Aid! 

      After her parents’ divorce, Drean, first lived with her father, then, went to live with her mother and her seven brothers and sisters in Paguati, New Mexico. 

      Their home had no running water. All water had to be carried

into the house.  Drena’s  job was to

wash the dishes. To complete this job, she carried the water, heated it on the stove; washed the dishes.

       Drena remembers one of her birthdays.  At school, she  learned that little girls often had  birthday parties with presents to celebrate their birthdays. Unfortunately, she

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