Women's Ministry News

Volume 12

October 2013

Issue 10

Published by Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

Another Central Family Activity
Sue Johnson

I am anxiously awaiting pictures from Kenya to arrive; pictures of 152 adorable children with brand new backpacks with their names lovingly embroidered on them.

In may, Allan challenged the Central Family to find sponsors for unsponsored children at the Alara School we support in Kenya. As always, Central exceeded the challenge, but not his expectations. From his arrival, Allan Stanglin has asked this congregation to stop limiting their dreams and prayers. As Iíve come to realize, there is no challenge too great for Central C of C in Amarillo, to accept and with Godís blessings to accomplish.

My friend, Suzanne, and I each picked out a child to sponsor. I, a retired school teacher, suggested buying backpacks for our kids and filling them with school supplies. Suzanne, the creative one, suggested making them and embroidery their names on them. We bought fabric and found a simple (a relative term) pattern on line. The ever enthusiastic Suzanne, told our Small Group about the plan. Since they all sponsored a child they agreed we would make a backpack for each of the groupís children.

Then God decided to interfere with this very doable plan to make 10 or 12 backpacks and it blossomed into the completely unrealistic plan of making 151 backpacks before our Mission Team left for Kenya in July.  I am always willing to help, but being a Doubting Thomas, I didnít think it could be done. Suzanne agreed but faithfully reminded me we couldnít, but God could.

Suzanne had a dream. Mary had a house. Leon Woodís Small Group enthusiastically offered to help. The Mixed Blessing Class gave us their monetary support. Suzanne spent two days buying material. Phones started ringingóI want to help. - I donít sew, but how can I help? A cutting table was set up in the living room and an ironing board in the

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