Volume 12

March 2014

Issue 3  Page 1

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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A Whispered Answer

In I Kings 19:11-13, Elijah is despondent and has given up. Elijah believes he is the only believer left on earth and without voicing it, that God is no longer with mankind because there is so much evil and unbelief about him. God teaches Elijah that he doesnít have to move in spectacular ways to be there; he is also there in a gentle whisper. That lesson is true for us today.

After several years of steadily deteriorating health in which I had prayed for healing and a relief from constant pain, I had received neither. I had reached a point where I had decided for reasons I didnít understand, that the Lord wished not to heal me. About this same time I picked up a book on nutrition and there in one sentence was the answer to my prayers! It was a diagnosis and cure in one simple sentence. That day I changed my diet and healing began. Healing was fast and almost miraculous.

My problem had been a lack of a full understanding of prayer.

God answers each of our prayers in ways that will best benefit us and those around us. He also answers prayers to the extent of our faith. If we are humble before him and give him complete control, he will act accordingly. If we pray only hoping and half-believing he will intervene, he will act accordingly.

Because you donít get a quick answer you must not grow bitter and think God doesnít care. We must understand that Godís time is not our time, nor his reasoning our reasoning. Instead, look for what God is trying to teach you. We want instant results but God may see the advantage in letting us suffer for a time in order for us to learn a lesson. He made Abraham & Sarah wait 13 years for a son after their fiasco with Hagar.

Prayers come from the faith that is within us, and answers come in many ways. Mine was a gentle whisper in the form of one sentence from a book. Be sure you are listening when God whispers your answer to you.

Mary Ellen Evans