Volume 12

July 2014

Issue 7  Page 1

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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I Said a Payer
        for Your

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Page 5:
   o Crockpot Recipe
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      o Pecan Pie

Page 6:
   o Choosing a Sweet
   o Cut Up



I Said a Prayer for You

The Lord brought you to mind today,
And tho’ I’m not sure why,
A part inside my heart just knows,
I need to lift your name up on high.
Maybe you’re having a hard, stressful day,
Or having to make some decision,
Or a day filled with joy and peace,
But a prayer kept you safe from a collision. 
Whatever the reason, we may never know,
For this prayer, (at least here on earth.)
So when you read this, just think back,
a while, or a day or two.
And know that at that very time,
I said a prayer for you.

Cathie Coleman 201