Volume 12

September 2014

Issue 9  Page 2

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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Lessons from a Panhandle Sunset

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Try this Quiz

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      o Chicken
Apple Butter

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   o Salad Dressings
       Store Bought  vs
        Healthy &

Try this Quiz

Can you  answer all seven of the following questions with  the same word?

The word has seven  letters....

  1. Preceded God...
  2. Greater than God...
  3. More Evil than the devil...
  4. All poor people have it... 
  5. Wealthy people need it....
  6. If you eat it, you will die.

Only 5% of  Stanford University graduates figured it out!  See the answer at the bottom of the page.

Here is an idea...

Try using a white, a dark and a bright colored basket to easily separate laundry as you go.

The   Quiz Answer  is:

NOTHING! NOTHING  has 7 letters. NOTHING preceded God.  NOTHING is greater than God. NOTHING is  more Evil than the devil. All poor people  have NOTHING. Wealthy people need NOTHING.  If you eat NOTHING, you will die.