Volume 12

November 2014

Issue 11  Page 1

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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    o Keeping Your Focus
    o Sister Saturday to
        be Nov. 8

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  o Feed the Birds

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      o November session
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      o Sewing Sisters

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   o Nickson Recipe
      o Chicken Casserole
      o Key Lime Enchiladas

Page 6:
   o Cutting Our grocery Bill
      & Making Food More

Keeping Your Focus

by Pam Albertson

'God is not the author of confusion.' If God is not the author then guess who is?

Anytime you are confused you can be sure the enemy (Satan) is at work. The enemy does anything to try to make you lose your focus.

If he can get you to lose your focus he doesn't have to do anything else.

The best way to re-focus is to sit in God's presence and concentrate on Him.

'Looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith', anything He authors He will empower you to finish. God would never confuse you between right and wrong anymore than you would try to confuse your children.

If something is confusing to you, stop, drop, and pray. Before you know it your mind will be clear and you will have new direction.


Sister Saturday to be November 8th

You have waited all year for Sister Saturday and it will be well worth the wait! Set aside the morning of November 8th and join your sisters in Sneed Hall at 8:30 a.m. for breakfast, fun and fellowship. In the home décor department, Billie Davis will teach us how paint a water color of a fall aspen tree and Kathryn McNeill will teach us to do a canvas using multiple mediums of painting and decoupage. To hang our masterpieces, Krystole Glover will show us how to make a picture frame. In the personal care department Chelsea Flow will teach us how to braid our own hair and there will be lessons on the creative tying of scarves.

The morning will begin with breakfast and then go right into the classes, finishing around 1—2 p.m. This year you will be able to attend every class and not have to choose between two. See you on the 8th!