Volume 12

December 2014

Issue 12  Page 1

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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Looking Back on
     Women's Ministry
       in 2014

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      o Crock Pot Candy

Page 6:
   o Cooking with Cheese

The Lackluster Ornament by Tony Marks

I finally got the tree up and filled with Christmas ornaments of years past. I was about to close an empty box and store it until it's time to take down the tree but I found an ornament upside down at the bottom of the cardboard box. It says GRACE. It had not been wrapped in plastic or newspaper. When I flipped it over, I was ready to toss it. It was intact but most of the glitter was off. It was no doubt beat and had lost it luster due to temperature extremes in our non-insulated garage. And then I THOUGHT FOR A SECOND. That's me and some of you, entering heaven ó worn out, beat up, looking tired, glitter gone, looking unfinished when life is over but still intact! Still full of the Lord's GRACE all because of a LITTLE BABE named Jesus ó  Our Savior. And can claim victory because of this! And for this I'm oh so thankful for this GRACE.

That dull ornament took front and center on the tree as a reminder to me of who I am and the promise that God has made to those who seek and follow him. Merry CHRISTmas.

Editorís note: Tony is a policeman in Los Angeles, and a member of the Lordís church. Iíve known him for 30 years. He is insightful and tries to live as a follower of Jesus every day, on the job and off. This is a Facebook post of his from 2013.