Volume 13

March 2015

Issue 3  Page 1

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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March 7th will be a very special day for our LORD in the city of Amarillo. The women of 10 churches around town have grouped together to bring author Ann Spangler to town as the speaker for a City-wide Women’s Conference. Our goal is to uplift the lives of women who are Christians, but to also provide an opportunity to reach out to women who don’t feel comfortable “going to church”, but who need to hear the gospel and experience God’s peace.

A theme of “The Peace God Promises” has been chosen. The lessons will cover just what this peace is and how to get it. They are universal lessons every woman needs, Christian or not, at some point in her life. They are also lessons that can easily lead into teaching someone the gospel.

Since our building is the largest building among the churches, we will be the host. Sneed Hall will be opened to accommodate 500 people, so our building will be filled with guests and your help is needed. Please be praying for this event. Specifically pray: that the women who attend will find their individual needs met for peace and also pray for good weather. The weather that week-end is crucial, not only for attendance here but for our speaker to be able to get here from Michigan!

Tickets are $20. You must pre-register by Mar 1st & you can do so by clicking here1,  or at the link provided on Central’s web site2. There is free child care but all children must also be registered at the same site no later than today.

1 www.firstpres.com/citywidewomensconference
2 http://www.amarillocentral.org/