Volume 13

April 2015

Issue 4  Page 1

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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Godís Peace

What a blessing The Citywide Womenís Conference was to the almost 500 women who attended. Thirty-six churches and 10 Panhandle cities were represented! Not to mention the powerful blessings God gave to the women from the nine Amarillo churches who worked together on the conference! We worked together, prayed together, laughed and cried together, made new friendships and bonded in so many ways. We were able to unite by focusing on our goal of helping women find Godís comfort and peace. We worked and prayed over this event for two years and God blessed us and helped from the beginning. We wanted to think big and our 1st challenge was when we found out it would cost us $9,000 to rent the Civic Center. After much individual and group prayer we decided to see if Central would be big enough for our plans. It was and we were granted permission to hold it at Central.

Another hurdle was the weather. We knew who was in charge of it and had faith it would be good! (Although, He did give us a few heart palpations over it.) Next our speaker became very ill and five days from our event she called that she would have to cancel. While we were devising a plan B, God spectacularly solved our problem in a way that showed us that it was his event and HE was in charge. Long story shortened, we had two wonderful author/speakersóAnn Spangler and Patricia Rabon and both were wonderful. Godís spirit could be felt in the room and it was powerful!

So many women from many denominations thanked me personally for Centralís hosting the event and expressed what a blessing it had been to them. I pass those thanks on to our gracious staff and elders and to all the Central women who so graciously worked as greeters, hostesses and prayer warriors.

Our speakers asked that I please express to all of you how gracious and loving you were to them. They said they had spoken all over our nation and the ladies of Amarillo extended the most hospitality they have ever received at any speaking engagement.

Mary Ellen Evans