Volume 13

May 2015

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Published By Central Church of Christ Women
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The Peace of God

by Aleisha Newton

There are several basic things in this physical life that we cannot live without. Food.  Air. Water. They are needs that must be met and if we do not have them, then we must seek them out.
For those who live in Kenya, for example, water that is drinkable and clean is elusive.  It can be a challenge, if not impossible, to find such a treasure.  Yet when it is found....my, my!  How good it is!  And how much good can be done with it – precious water used for cooking, cleaning, hydration and so much more.  God's provision from the sky coupled with rain catchments, freshwater wells, or sand filters provide day-to-day life for millions.

Similarly in our spiritual lives, there are several things we cannot flourish without.  In an impoverished or desert spiritual season, we may feel like those essential things are completely missing. So we must seek them out.

Peace is one of those things.

Don't we thirst for it?  Don't we desire it...yearn for it...search our souls for it?

That elusive Peace of God.
Often, it's challenging to find such a treasure when we're surrounded by death. When a chasm is tearing apart a relationship.  Where is its presence in a broken home?  It's a hard thing to find when missed opportunities haunt our sleep.  When we've hurt a loved one.  When guilt shadows our daily thoughts.  When life shatters our warped plans. It can be impossible to grasp and hang on to when we are fighting a fatal sickness.

Truly, in the midst of the suffering of this world, Peace is hard to hold on to.

There was a time when my best friend was literally on her deathbed.  That time period lasted for many months and it was agonizing as I stayed by her side and took care of her continuously.  I did not understand why a person who had such a zeal and passion for life would have to endure a premature death…I still don't understand it, really.  But my best friend