Volume 13

June 2015

Issue 6  Page 1

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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Undercover Dandelions

Many years ago we lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of east Tennessee. Our house was on a steep mountainside and our yard was packed with trees. There were so many trees, in fact, that in the spring we would pull up tiny trees right along with the weeds in the yard. One of the 4 dozen trees on our Ĺ acre of land was a huge and very beautiful old hemlock. As beautiful as the tree was, we had to cut it down because it was too near the house and damaging the overhang and roof of the house. But, once that tree was down, we were astounded to find a dandelion that was about a foot taller than our roof!

That dandelion had grown between the tree and the house (a space of about a foot), woven its way up through the tree branches and right up to the overhang of the roof. Then it grew sideways under the roof overhang until it could grow straight up once more. At its base on the ground the stem was about three inches in diameter and about one inch thick at the top! It was even sporting a nice sized yellow flower! Had we not removed the tree, who knows how tall that dandelion would have grown!

Sin can be very much like that dandelion. It will start small and it can hide itself from sight and grow bigger and stronger year by year until it finally overwhelms us. It is not always evident until it has taken a deep root in our heart. And like the tree that hid our dandelion, our dandelion of sin is sometimes not visible until an event or other obstacle in our life makes it visible.

We thought we had a beautiful, weed free lawn, yet there was this huge weed lurking in the shadows, unsuspected and undetected. We need to examine ourselves often to make sure we are not letting undetected sin into our hearts. A deep rooted and hidden sin is hard to remove. Like the root of the dandelion, if you donít get it all on the first pulling, it will grow up once again and the longer it is in the ground (or our heart) the more difficult it is to get out all the root.

Mary Ellen Evans