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August 2015

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Are YOU Aware, Awake, and Available?

by Tandy Elisala

The other day, as I was changing lanes on the freeway to get off at my exit, someone cut me off and proceeded to drive like he was in a race. While in the outside of a 2 lane right turn exit, he was to my right in the inside right turn lane. As the light turned green, I cautiously turned right into the proper lane. He waited for a few seconds and proceeded to cut in front of me again across 3 lanes of traffic.

I am aware I didnít have control over this situation and, a few years ago, I may have let a situation like this upset me and allowed it to ruin my evening. Over time I have worked hard to release negative feelings and not let outside situations affect my day. Do I do this 100% of the time? No. Iím okay with this. Iím okay being a work in progress. Everyone is a work in progress.

Conscious and Subconscious

What does this experience have to do with being aware, awake, and available? Well ~ when we are actively changing a habit and a belief, we may have initial twinges of Ďthe old reactioní when triggers occur. Then, we shift from the old to the new. It is a conscious decision to shift your thinking. What I realized in this situation is that my peaceful thinking was automatic. I didnít have to catch myself thinking or saying not so nice things. I was automatically sending him peaceful thoughts. About a mile down the road, I bounced in my seat when I realized my reaction was automatic. My subconscious got the memo!

When you are aware of your thoughts, awake enough to recognize what needs changing and available and open to receiving whatís needed and take action, you are in the best place! Sometimes, one of these things is present and the other two arenít yet. It takes all three to make powerful transformation in your life.

While my example is a small one, check in with yourself about  how being aware, awake, and available applies to your life. Where in your life have you been aware, awake, and available and what changes occurred?