Volume 13

September 2015

Issue 9  Page 1

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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Never Underestimate
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   o News Bites

Needling Satan with Stitches of Love

You will notice several Dorcas House items located along the wall across from Hangar C that are being raffled for the Missions Fund. The first item is a twin size quilt made by Jorene Kirkland.

The second item is an afghan. It is called a “rainbow quilt” in the quilting world because it contains all the colors of the rainbow in order. It is known as a strip quilt for obvious reasons and there are 143 different fabrics in this small quilt—all of them donated. To purchase enough colors of fabric to make a rainbow quilt would be very expensive indeed.

The last several items displayed are wall hangings found unfinished among our donated fabric and finished by Dorcas House sewers. Since they do not fit in the area of Dorcas House’s type of charity donations, it was decided to put them in the raffle. The drawings for each item will be on Oct. 21st at our missions meal. Tickets will be sold in the Gathering Place each Sunday until then.

All of these items represent hours and hours of work by those who created them. There is a saying: “When I make with my hands I give of my heart.” That is certainly true of the workers at Dorcas House. Dorcas House is a double blessing for it not only gives the women a satisfying creative outlet, but all those hours also double as time in the mission field as the finished products show to the recipients the love of Christ. Love is indeed sewn into every stitch!

Dorcas House seamstresses may or may not go abroad to mission fields, but we work for the missions of Amarillo every week. To paraphrase the children’s song; You may never march in the infantry or shoot the artillery but you can support the fight against Satan by contributing to the Missions Fund. Please buy several raffle tickets!