Volume 13

October 2015

Issue 10  Page 1

Published By Central Church of Christ Women
Editor: Mary Ellen Evans

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Find Your Mission

The Bible teaches us that every Christian is a priest, minister and missionary (in that we are to carry the gospel to others and to minister to them.) In an effort to emphasize this to their members, there are some churches who post signs at their parking lot exits that say, “You are entering your mission field.”

In some people’s mind the mission field requires a passport to enter, but more and more our own nation, even our own community, is a mission field. When we feed the hungry, care for the orphan or the abandoned child, clothe the needy, give aid to the elderly, or aid the single parent in God’s name we are being a missionary. This is a concept that many of us have known for years, but ignored because America was a God believing nation with churches as plentiful as gas stations and the need to carry the gospel into our communities was small. That is no longer true! Today, America is not much different than a foreign country in that Christians are not always numerous in our little corners of the world. We may be His only disciple among our neighbors and co-workers and we don’t know from day to day when we may be singled out for ridicule, revenge or even persecution for our Christianity.

Big jobs are tackled with a plan and executed step by step. As individuals we need to assess what needs to be done in our corner of the world – home, school, job, friends, neighbors, community- and look for ways to shed God’s light into our corner. I once saw a demonstration of how light spreads. In a windowless room about half the size of Sneed Hall, the teacher shut the doors and lit a small match. It was amazing to watch the light travel from the match to the end of the room. From a room that was dark as a coal mine, that small match gave out enough light we could see the shapes of the people and objects around us! That is how our actions as Christians light the world! We aren’t commanded to be a spotlight, but a candle! Like any foreign missionary, we impact lives one person at a time! Find your mission spot, and serve there. If you work with a heart for mission, God will show you what you need to do and he will give the increase.

(For a wonderful article
on how to serve large through small
ways, go to “What Corner Do You Shine In?" at:
http://wwwjanishutchinson.blogspot.com/#sthash.VBG7jHtO.dpuf )