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November 2015

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When life seems
(Pray Until Something Happens.)

If you need help
ask God.
If you donít, thank Him.

Itís Time for Sister Saturday!

This Saturday, November 7th, is Sister Saturday! Come join your Central sisters in a morning of fun, fellowship and learning a new skill or craft. We will begin with registration & breakfast pizza, fruit and coffee at 9 a.m. Classes will start at 9:30 and finish around noon. Each class is about 45 minutes.

The classes for this year are:
Pickles and Strawberries taught by Jo Ann Thomas. In it you will learn to make Christmas pickles and frozen strawberry jam.
Christian Yoga taught by Katie Blake
Ideas for Your Flowers (planting bulbs for the spring and fall) taught by Sheila Reid
Turning a large scarf into a Kimono Jacket taught by Nan Blount. This class will be offered twice and each session will be limited to 10 women. The scarves will be provided.