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December 2015

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Becoming Santa

by Marjorie Walsh

Well, here we go again, growing a Santa beard.  Joe begins his process of growing his beard and transforming his beard and hair from short and trim to bushy and Sanctified.  He loves playing Santa and loves telling the stories of all "his kids."  Some kids are grown now and ready to marry and begin their own families and lives, but the memories of years gone by remain in his heart.

This is one beautiful story he wanted to share with you all.  We were having dinner at Chili's about eight weeks into the transformation into being Santa Claus.  My  niece Lisa was with us and we noticed Joe flirting and making eye contact with a little boy in the next booth.  I told Lisa the miracle of Christmas for Joe was beginning.  He loves the children,  big and small and at Christmas time as the beard begins to grow his demeanor begins to change and he becomes Santa in his heart.

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