Volume 15

January 2016

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If you are over extended you are under committed. We should be committed to all we do, hence we can’t do many activities well because we won’t have full commitment. The Dash and Good Intentions

I once read a poem about the importance of the years of our life represented by the dash between the years of our birth and death. That is a sobering thought. Aside from a bit of career planning when we graduate high school and college, few of us actually give much thought to planning our lives on a daily basis. We make a few resolutions each January 1 and usually have deserted them by January 31st. Intermittently through life we will start a “self-improvement program” of some sort, but too few of us wake up every day with a resolve to love as Christ would, to improve our attitude, to correct and fine tune our actions to always reflect Christ to others.

If we died in our sleep tonight what would our obituary say about us tomorrow? We each have a dash of differing lengths and we ought not be wasting any of it “intending to.”

“As pride sometimes is hid under humility, idleness is often covered by turbulence and hurry.”

Samuel Johnson