Volume 15

February 2016

Issue 2 Page1

Table of Contents:

About this Ministry
   o Planning Team
   o Past Newsletters
   o Dorcas House on
   o Our Church's Web

Page 1:
  o Evening of Chocolate

Page 2:
  o Valentine's Day

 Page 3:
  o Topaz, Color of the
      Sun (lesson 2)

Page 4:
  o Handy Things to Know
Hand Sanitizer

Page 5:
  o Grandma's Old
      Fashion Potato Soup
  o Shortcuts to
       Quick Meals
        • Lasagna
        • Chick Teriyaki

Page 6:
  o News Bites

If you are over extended you are under committed. We should be committed to all we do, hence we can’t do many activities well because we won’t have full commitment.

Please bring any form of chocolate (cake, candy, cookies, etc.). There will be entertainment, so come join in the fun. Fruits and other flavors of goodies will be available for those allergic or who dislike chocolate. If the weather is bad check the daily church update email for cancellation notice.