Volume 15

April 2016

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It isn’t about having time. It is about making time for God.


Subtle Changes

Read Psalm 24: 3-4
Having lunch with a friend I ordered water with a lemon slice. “Why do you put lemon in your water?” she asked. “Why not just order lemonade?”

“It isn’t the lemon taste I am after; it’s the chemistry”. The water is treated with chlorine to kill the bacteria in it, but chlorine is also a poison to the body. Of course, I would have to drink a lot of chlorine to poison myself, but why put it into my body when just a squeeze of lemon juice will chemically change it to a harmless substance?”

I know I must stand pure and spotless before God and that Christ helps me with this. I also know I am human and sin. I thought a repentant heart and diligent, daily prayer for forgiveness of my sins would let me into the “pure and spotless” category. But then it occurred to me that daily reading of God’s word acted on my heart as lemon juice does to chlorine. Nothing I do makes me pure and holy; only Christ can purify me and he does it through his word! I don’t have to carry the poisons of the world inside me. Christ is the one who cleanses away the toxins of daily living and lets me stand clean and pure before him, but I have to put him inside me. I should read his word because I want to know more of him, because I love him, because he tells me to and probably for a dozen other reasons. Most importantly, if I don’t read his word he cannot act on the toxins of sin and purify me. Only he can render them harmless to my soul.

Larisee Lynn