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"Choices are the hinges of destiny." Edwin Markham

Have you Read…?

Betsey Tonne

The current political situation reminded me of something I had read, but I had to think for a few minutes to remember where I had read it. Then, I remembered...it was in a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas. Perhaps you are wondering who Dietrich Bonhoeffer was (or Eric Metaxas for that matter). Bonhoeffer was a pastor in Germany during the time of Adolf Hitler. He was one of the few who, when Hitler was first running for office, tried to warn Germans that he was not what he claimed to be.

Are you surprised that Hitler was elected? Yes, he was duly elected by the German people! Why? The answer is really not that complicated. Germany had suffered greatly by the harsh sanctions of the Armistice they signed after losing World War I and the consequences of the Great Depression. Their leaders had been weak and ineffectual. Germans wanted a strong leader who would help make Germany strong again, who would return Germany to its former greatness. (Does this begin to sound familiar?) So, Hitler promised these things-he spoke aggressively and passionately about them. He claimed to be a supporter of the German church (it was a national state church) and many German pastors heartily endorsed him!

This is what reminded me of our current political situation, which brings us back to Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He was one of the few Germans, even in the church, who saw through Hitler’s façade. He continued to warn his church even after Hitler was in office. However, the German church ignored his voice, even after Hitler’s National Socialist Party passed a law that German Jews who had converted to Christianity could not be members of the German church any longer. It was at this point that Pastor Bonhoeffer and some of his fellow pastors broke away from the national church and formed their own.

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