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August 2016

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It is one thing to know the truth, while living it is another story.

Jack L. Drain


 Lessons from the Sunrise Bird

For the last three summers we have had a happy little bird live in the tree outside our living room window. I called him the ďsunrise birdĒ because he would begin to sing just as the first faint light broke on the horizon each morning, continuing until the sun was well up into the sky. He seemed to feel it was his duty to sing the sun up. His song was cheerful and loud. The whole rest of the day I heard only chirping, but that sunrise song was long and melodious and obviously praise. Iíve been an early riser all my life and he would sing as I read my Bible and went about my morning routine. Although I didnít know the tune to his song, he put a song of my own in my heart each morning.

Then one morning he didnít sing. Iíve waited each morning for him to sing the sun up. It has been a week now and Mr. Sun is having to rise without his praises. I miss that sunrise bird, not only because I felt he was praising God and His creation, but because he reminded me that no matter how grumpy I might feel, or how much I ached, that God was all around me and my heart should also sing his praises.

I donít know what kind of bird he was, nor do I know if he flew off to another home, or if he died. I only know I miss his sunrise song of praise just as surely as God misses ours when we cease to praise him. That little sunrise bird certainly taught me a lesson or two.

  1. Praise God in the dark in anticipation of his sending the light.
  2. Praise God no matter how I feel.
  3. Be grateful for each day because it was not promised to me.
  4. Praise God every day because it may be my last day.
  5. Be joyful for the beauty of a new day.
  6. Praise God because I love him.
  7. Praise God because I never know who is listening that it might cheer.
  8. Praise God because it puts joy in my heart to make my day go better.
  9. Praise God because it makes Him happy.
  10. Be joyful of the blessings of Godís creation around me.

Mary Ellen Evans