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June 2018

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       Part 3
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  o Continuation of
    "Women in Ministry"
       part 3.
  o Save the Date - 2018

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A person’s thoughts are like water in a deep well, but someone with insight can draw them out.

~~ Proverbs 20:5


 Women in Ministry: Part 3

Meet Aleisha Malone. Aleisha is in formal ministry here at Central, serving part-time as the Associate Youth Minister. But that is not the only avenue in which she ministers! She ministers when she is with the youth - and when she is not with the youth; when she is in public– and in the privacy of her home with her family; Aleisha has a heart of ministry and serves every moment of every day! Read along with me as this godly young woman reflects on ministry.

Women in Ministry: Listening
By Aleisha MaloneI

     A friend and I went to a lecture a couple of months ago where the guest speaker was an inspiring man who impacts millions of people around the world by sharing photos and stories.  Other people’s stories.  With their permission, of course.  The lecture was interesting and fun, and God wasn’t mentioned once.  But what was striking about the event was the way that the man explained how he got people to trust him enough to tell him their stories.  And we are talking hard stories.  Life events and circumstances that most people might not even tell their closest friends.  They wouldn’t want their children to know.  They’ve never told their parents before.  But a perfect stranger?  Yes.  Sure. 

WHY? It doesn’t make sense.

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