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January 2019

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Jesus, through the work of the Holy Spirit, is our redeemer, our deliverer and the one who molds our lives and removes each stronghold of sin in our lives as believers. It is a lifelong process of sanctification where the fire of the Holy Spirit and the cross working its way in our lives, deal a death blow to each specific sin in our lives. This year God may be dealing with dishonesty and we don't even realize the 20 other areas of sin in our life that God will reveal and deal with in the next 20 years! But he deals with them, sin by sin, or similar to the Israelites taking the land, God deals with our sin and gives us victory, city by city! The land isn't conquered all at once at salvation. We are God's chosen ones at salvation but the promised land still needs to be conquered city by city and it is God's job to do the conquering!

Our position in Christ is one of surrender to him, reliance upon his mighty work of salvation and sanctification in our lives, and having our hearts, minds, souls and bodies in yielded worship and submission to our savior. Our life is not our own. And that means our life is not our own to seek pleasure or to seek self-righteousness through works.

Walking in the flesh isn't walking in some evil sin, walking in the flesh is doing things our way and in our strength. Walking in the flesh is even doing "righteous" things our way and in our strength!

Walking in the Spirit is doing things God's way and in HIS strength and by his power and HIS power alone!

As Christians we have no more power to change our lives than we did before we were Christians. As believers, it is a position of humbleness to realize just how sinful our own flesh and our own strength is. When we change, when we become righteous in one area of our lives and when a sin is eradicated from our lives, it is not WE who do it but the Holy Spirit living inside of us. Our "job" or our "Work" and our "effort" is to surrender to the spirit. It is the Holy Spirits job to do his work of holiness in our lives. The Holy Spirit doesn't "help" our flesh to do good works. The Holy Spirit calls us to die, for our flesh and self effort to be crucified and to pick up our cross and allow him to do a mighty work of righteousness within our hearts. As David cried, "Create in me a clean heart oh God" it should be the cry of our lives for God to change us, for the Holy Spirit to do his mighty work and remove sin from our hearts and lives. David did not pray, "God help me to

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