Volume 18

January 2019

Issue 1 Page 3


Table of Contents:

About this Ministry
   o Planning Team
   o Past Newsletters
   o Dorcas House on
   o Our Church's Web

Page 1:
  o Change Through
     Godís Strength -
      Rachel Moore  p2 - p5

 Page 3:
  o Thank You -
      Gina  Newton

Page 4:
   o Cooking with Cathy
      o Beef & Farfalle
      o White Bean
          Vegetable Soup
          With Meatballs

Page 5:
  o Church Mice

Page 6:
  o News Bites

Gina Newton

Have you ever wondered what goes into publishing a newsletter in print and online? A lot of work! And Iím not the main worker! All I do is compile the submissions, place them in the template created by someone else, and email it.

There are writers who spend time, thought, and research writing and re-writing their copy. Thank you, you make my job easier!!!

There are those who donít write, but see articles, pictures, and cartoons that they submit. Thank you, you make my job easier!!!

Those yummy recipes? I donít do that! Cathy Sifuentez spends time researching and preparing recipes to share with you! Thank you, you make my job easier!!!

But the real worker beesí names you never see! Once the contributors and I are done, the newsletter is emailed to Hannah McNeil and John Jackson. Each of them spent time with me as I learned the processes set in place for Central publications. Those early days required a lot of editing the editor! Even now, two years into my service, each of them must confirm that everything I have placed in the template will work for their medium. Sometimes a picture doesnít print well and must be replaced. Hannah takes the time to search for just the right thing! Sometimes the print template that I work in doesnít work for online publication and John must move and edit things to make it work on the website. (This is why you often see similar but different newsletters as far as art and placement is concerned between online and print!) Oh, and that template that I mentioned? That was created by Hannah! They both spend a significant amount of time and effort ensuring that your newsletter is excellent when it arrives in front of you! They are wonderful, patient, ďthe buck stops hereĒ individuals who take your newsletter very seriously!

Take a moment today to thank Hannah and John for all their hard work! They donít expect it, but they surely do deserve it!!!