Volume 16

January - February 2017

Issue 1 Page 6

Table of Contents:

About this Ministry
   o Planning Team
   o Past Newsletters
   o Dorcas House on
   o Our Church's Web

Page 1:
  o Change Through
     Godís Strength -
      Rachel Moore  p2 - p5

 Page 3:
Thank You -
      Gina  Newton

Page 4:
   o Cooking with
      o Beef & Farfalle
      o White Bean
          Vegetable Soup
          With Meatballs

Page 5:
  o Church Mice

Page 6:
  o News Bites

A New Year brings 365 days to do with as you please. May all your endeavors bear fruit that fills your days with the sweetness that comes from serving God and others and may your choices be such that when you look back at the end of this year, you would be filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment rather than regret!
Happy 2019 

Women's Ministry
 Planning Team:

Crista Archer*
Nan Blount
Janice Grant
Linda Haines
Karen Hubbard
Katie Nash
Mevanee Parmer
Becky Robertson
*Contact Person


Womenís Newsletter Mission Statement


To provide information in an enjoyable format that will enable, encourage and enhance the life of Christian women.

The goal is to help us be good stewards of all God has given us, to give thought provoking articles to build our faith, to draw us together as a family, to feed our creative spirit, to report on opportunities for service and to lighten the day with humor.


Please share if you have read a good book, had a thought about scripture, written an article, created a piece of art, or have a notice about your ministry that you would like to share. Please email it to Gina Newton at:
 or call 806.443.2939.