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Once a person has truly loved, it is always there! Falling in love with another is in addition to, not in place of! His deep love for Judy, his grief over the loss of her, gives me security. It is the same in reverse.

I know someone who thinks it's disrespectful of the new love to talk about the other love.
Believe me, it's not! Judy is part of who my Lanny Love is! I want to know everything about him! That includes her! My Al is part of who I am. My Lanny Love wants to know everything about me. That includes Al!

I haven't always understood this! "Before", I knew a widower who had remarried. He loves his beautiful, gentle, second wife so much! And he loves his first wife still, many years later.

He would sometimes talk about her. There were pictures and memorabilia of her around. I used to feel so sorry for his second wife! I used to say, "Not me, baby!" Now I understand. His second wife does not live in the shadow of the first, she lives in the shade!

Now lest you think we spend all our time talking about our pasts, we don't. Shade is only enjoyed when the sun is shining. Without the sunshine, it is not shade, it is shadow, darkness. The sunshine of our new lives is warm and healing and wonderful and where we spend the majority of our time. But there will always be moments of shade. Needed shade.

So why am I talking about this?...It occurred to me that there is a great parallel here. True love does not die! It is eternal! No matter what! When they were difficult, we loved them. When they were easy, we loved them. When they were dull, we loved them. When they were exciting, we loved them. Now they are gone from us, and we love them.

No, love never dies. Except it did! While we were unlovable, Love died for us on a cross! Jesus' undying love, was so deep, that He chose to offer Himself a physical sacrifice for our sin!
Of the many lessons of grief, the lessons in love are my very favorites!

@2015 - Adapted excerpts from
https://ginasmusing.blogspot.com/ ,
“I Love You” Series, August 2015